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How do I register my Domain name?

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To register a domain name, you need to follow these steps:

This knowledge-based article will provide you with steps on how to register a new domain name in your client area.
We have a tool that enables you to check whether a domain name is available for registration and guides you through the steps of purchasing the domain name if it is available


Step 1. Login to your client zone, select "Domains" from the menu then select "Register a new Domain Name".

Step 2. Enter the domain name that you want to register in our search box to check if it is available.


Step 3. All available domain names will be listed below the search box.

Step 4. Select your desired domain name, click on "Add to Cart" and then go through the checkout process to complete your order.


Step 5. You will receive an e-mail to confirm your order.
Please Note: A domain registration process may take 2 to 72 hours

Step 6. Once your domain name has been registered, make sure to configure the domain's DNS records to point to your hosting server. You can manage your domain's DNS by selecting "Domains" from the menu and then selecting "Manage DNS".


Step 7. Your domain name registration will be valid for one year, so you will need to make sure that your domain is renewed before it expires to keep your website online.

Don't worry our system will remind you 30 days before your domain is due for renewal.

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