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How to Create Wireguard VPN Users Accounts

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How to Create Wireguard VPN User's Accounts

This guide will assist you with creating new VPN accounts using Wireguard and connecting a client using Windows Desktop to the VPN.

1. Login to your client zone and select the VPN service that is listed under Products & Services.

Select " Add VPN account "


Enter a username and Password and proceed with "Add VPN account "
Note the username cannot contain spaces.


2. Downloading the Wireguard VPN config file

After adding the new VPN user you will see the account listed below, please also note your dedicated IP is listed.
In this example your static dedicated IP is " " and this IP is going to be the source of your VPN traffic.


Select " Management " from menu & " Download Config " from the next menu.


You should now have a copy of the Wireguard VPN config file present on your PC.
It recommended that you rename the file from its default "wg0.conf" to something more descriptive like the username of the VPN user in this example max-smith.conf

3. Download and Install the Wireguard Desktop client, In this example, Windows Desktop is being used.

4. Once installed select "Import tunnels from file" and select the downloaded config file.



5. Once imported proceed with the connection, you should see the service is "Active"


Your desktop has been connected to the VPN.

You can now proceed to add your VPN dedicated IP to your VPS or Dedicated Servers firewall to enable secure access.

How to Secure your VPS with Wireguard and Firewall

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