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How to Update your Email Settings in Outlook ( Promail )

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Below are the steps to guide you through updating your email settings:


Step 1: Locate and Access the Control Panel


To begin, find and open the Control Panel on your device.



Step 2: Locate and Click on 'Mail'


Once you've opened the Control Panel, find and click on the 'Mail' option to access your email settings.




Step 3: Click on 'Email Accounts'

Choose 'Email Accounts' to access the Account Settings.




Step 4: Double-click on your email address to open up email settings




Step 5: Update Server Information


In the server settings section, change the Incoming Mail Server to '' and the Outgoing Mail Server to ''.


 After updating both settings, proceed by clicking 'More Settings'.




Step 6: Configure Advanced Settings

After accessing 'More Settings,' navigate to the 'Advanced' tab'. Update the IMAP incoming port to '993' and the outgoing port to '465.' Ensure that you select 'SSL/TLS' for both settings."




Step 7: Click 'OK' to confirm, then click 'Finish' to complete the process



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