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How to Manage Domains Registered with Another Registrar

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How to Manage Domains Registered with Another Registrar


This guide outlines the steps to update DNS settings for a domain that is registered with a different provider but will be using our name servers. By following these steps, you can manage your domain's DNS records through our client area.


Step 1: Add and Link the Free DNS Management Service Add-on

1.1.  If you haven't already done so, purchase the DNS Management service and associate it with your VPS or dedicated server product.

1.2.  The DNS Management service is provided free of charge.


Step 2: Access the DNS Management Area

2.1.  Log in to your account on our website.

2.2. Navigate to the "Domains" section.


Step 3: Add DNS Zones

3.1. Inside the "Manage DNS" section, locate the option to "Add DNS Zones" and click on it.

3.2. Enter your domain name in the provided field.

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Step 4: Update Name Servers (NS) Records

4.1. Obtain the name server (NS) records that you need to update. These should be provided by us.

4.2. Common name servers might look like:


4.3. Log in to your current domain registrar's control panel or management area.

4.4. Look for the option to manage or update name servers for the specific domain.

4.5. Replace the existing name servers with the new ones provided by us.


Step 5: Allow Time for Propagation

5.1. Once the name servers are updated, it might take some time for DNS changes to propagate across the internet. This process can take several hours to up to 48 hours, although usually much less.


Step 6: Verify DNS Update

6.1. After the DNS propagation period, you can verify that the update has taken effect by using online DNS lookup tools or by visiting your website.


Step 7: Manage DNS Records Through Client Area

7.1. Once the name servers have fully propagated, log in to your account on our website.

7.2. Navigate to the "Domains" section and access the "Manage DNS" area.

7.3. Here, you'll be able to manage various DNS records such as A, MX, CNAME, and more through our client area.

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By following these steps, you'll successfully update the DNS settings for your domain, even if it's registered with a different provider. Our DNS Management service and name servers will allow you to efficiently manage your domain's DNS records through our client area.

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